Rental items

From these pages you can rent trade fair furniture and structures, as well as electrical connections and lighting. We are also happy to offer the planning and implementation of the entire department. If you need more information and views, do not hesitate to ask!

Also ask for customization!

  • Prices include rental of furniture / structures for a maximum of 5 days as well as their assembly, dismantling & transport within the metropolitan area.
  • Some rental products are presented at 2 different prices. It is possible to either pick up these products from Taikalyhty’s warehouse in Suvilahti, Helsinki, or order them delivered directly by us to the venue – the right department.
  • Our list price is displayed in the rental shop. For large, multi-piece furniture needs, you should always ask for a quote.
  • 24% VAT is added to all prices.
  • Our rental terms comprehensively here