Helsinki Hammam 4/4

The vision and near future of Helsinki Hammam

Now you have the privilege to view the first draft of how the first hammam of Finland might look like when it is ready. As a first draft before the official release of Helsini Hammam’s interior design plan, this virtual space is based on the combined efforts of Helsinki Hammam Team and Taikalyhty Oy.


We are currently preparing for a funding round to seek outside investors. Contact us to be a part of this ambitious endeavour! 


Enjoy the calming virtual experience,


The Helsinki Hammam Team

Tupuna Manner, Co-founder & Mother of Hammam

Baraa Couch, Co-founder & Hammam Master

Milja Mäkelä, Partner & Marketing Manager

Minka Kenttä, Partner


Find out more about Helsinki Hammam on our website.